Sutherlands Cakes & Sponges

Expert bakers in fabulous cakes for over ten years!

Below is a list of the types of cakes we do. If you need more information or prices please call 0141 237 1898.


Milk Caramel, White Caramel, Vermicelli, Carmel Peacan, Mars Cripsy, Sugared Fruit, Iced Fruit, Vanilla Fairy cups, Double chocolate Fairy cups, Raspberry Fairy Cups, Pineapple tarts, Raspberry tarts, Cornflake Cakes, Plain Scones, Fruit Scones, Mini Victoria, Mini Chocolate Victoria, Snowballs and Genoa.


Big Cakes - delicious! with 20 slices in each cake we are sure your customers will be happy.

Victoria sponge, Victoria Dusted sponge, Victoria Lemon Sponge, Big Carrot Cake, Chocolate Fudge, Cheese Cake and Big Apple Pie.


Caramel Cake

Biscuit base enriched with butter, covered by our own recipe butter caramel, topped with a layer of milk chocolate.


Caramel Peacan

Biscuit base enriched with butter, covered by own recipe butter caramel, topped with a generous helping of peacan nuts.


Mars Crispy

Kellogs rice crispy chocolate rice crispy cakes, coated in melted milk chocolats Mars.



Biscuit base enirched with butter, covered with our own recipe butter caramel, topped with a delicious layer of vermicelli.


Cherry Bakewell

Geniose jam and almond flavour bakewell with a generous topping of icing and cherries.


Iced Ginger

Soft and delicous ginger sponge. Topped with a generous helping of icing.


Pineapple and Raspberry Tarts

Soufal cup, filled with Raspberry or pineapple jam and cream.Then topped with a delicous raspberry or pineapple fondant.


Eiffel Towers

Soft sponge dipped in strawberry, covered in coconut filled with butter cream. Soft and delightful.


Cornflake cake

Chocolaty and crunchy. Traditionally made cornflake cake.


Gypsy Creams

Big Gypsy creams filled with succullent butter cream.